Republic of Bulgaria is an independent state situated on the Balkan Peninsula, part of Eastern Europe.
Total Area of Bulgaria is 110 910 km2, out of which land: 110,550 sq km and water: 360 km2
Total population of Bulgaria - 7 364 570 (Feb 2011), women - 3 777 999 (51.3%) and men 3 586 571 (48.7%).
The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. Its population is 1 291 591 (17.5% of the Bulgarian population).
There are 255 cities and 5 047 villages in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria has a recorded history since year 681, which is regarded (although some historians argue for an earlier year) the official year of establishment of the Bulgarian state.
Generally we have all the four climates, very distinct, thanks to our geographical location. We have hot summer - from late May until mid September, nice spring - from the beginning of March until Late April, warm autumn from mid September to late October, and snowy winter - from November until the end of February.
Bulgarian people are nice, open minded, hospitable and like to show their best characteristics when they meet a visitor.

Some interesting facts about Bulgaria:

  • Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries and is the only one that has not changed its name ever since it was founded
  •  According to the statistics Bulgaria ranks third in Europe only after Greece and Italy for the number of its valuable historical monuments
  • The recognition of the Bulgarian Patriarchate by the one of Constantinople in 927 AD makes the Bulgarian Orthodox church the oldest autocephalous Slavic Orthodox church in the world.
  • The Bulgarian autocephalous status preceded the autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church (1219) by 292 years and the Russian Orthodox Church (1589) by 662 years.
  • In 716 AD the Bulgarians saved Europe from Islamisation! In 716 AD the Bulgarians, under the command of Kanasubigi Tervel came forward at the gates of Constantinople to help the Byzantines against the Muslim threat. In a crucial battle in 718 AD the Bulgarian cavalry defeated the Arabs. “The Bulgarians assaulted the Arabs, slaying many of them… They were more afraid of the Bulgarians than of the Byzantines,” reads the account of an Arab chronicles of Kanas Tervel’s sweeping victory which left between 60 000 and 90 000 (by different sources) Arabs dead. This blow put an end o the Muslim Arabs attempting to penetrate into the Old Continent through the Balkan Peninsula. The western chronicles called Tervel ”The savior of Europe”!
  • The Bulgarians were the first people to use the Cyrillic alphabet immediately after its inceptions in the 9th century.
  • With the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union on Jan 1st, 2007, the Cyrillic alphabet became the third official alphabet of the EU. Bulgaria is the second EU country after Greece that uses a non-Latin alphabet and the first to use Cyrillic, which originated in the medieval Bulgarian Empire.
  • The Bulgarian army led by Tzar Kaloyan ruined the IV Crusade. In the Adrianopol battle on the 14th of April 1205 the Bulgarian army totally defeated the "undefeatable" crusaders and captured their leader Emperor Balduin I. He was then thrown in the so called "Balduin tower" at the Tzarevetz hill in Veliko Turnovo (the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom) where he later died.
  • The Bulgarian army is the only force in the world which has never lost a single flag although it has actively participated in all major wars in Europe since the end of the 19th century.
  • The 1st airdropped bomb in military history was developed by the Bulgarian Air force during the 1st Balkan War and was used on 16th Oct 1912 by Lieuts.  Radul Milkov and Prodan Tarakchiev.
  • Rayna Kasabova was the first woman ever to take part in a combat air mission accomplished on 30th Oct 1912
  • The first wrestler on the world with 1500 wins and only 2 lost matches is the Bulgarian Dan Kolov.
  • World first digital wristwatch was developed by the Bulgarian Peter Petroff.
  • The inventor of the first electronic computer John Atanassoff isof Bulgarian origin. Professor John Atanassoff together with the graduate student Clifford Berry built the world’s first digital computer at Iowa State University between 1929 and 1942
  • Bulgaria is second in the world in international IQ tests and SAT scores and fourth in “per capita” university education after US, Japan and the United Kingdom.
  • The oldest golden treasure in the wolrd was found in Bulgaria (in 294 graves were discovered more than 3000 golden objects dating back 6000 years).
  • Bulgaria is one of the very few places where the bacteria for yoghurt grows naturally
  • Roumen Antonov - he invented a revolutionary continuously variable transmission.
  • Ivan (John) Notchev - constructed the engines for the lunar module used during the first landing on the Moon.
  • The best quality rose oil is distilled form the cultivated in Bulgaria rose – the Kazanluk oil-giving rose, grown in the Valley of Roses.
  • Coat of Arms of Republic of Bulgaria and Bulgarian Flag